Offering a range of still and carbonated beverages in various formats. We work with beverage specialists to create innovative and unique brands of various beverages based on end-user use cases for our customers.


We offer a full range of flavours as well as also addressing consumer needs such as increased control over dosing, quicker onset times, and balanced cannabinoid ratios with no cannabis aroma or after taste. Our high quality cannabis edibles provide consistent exact-dosed gummies, chocolates, confectionary and baked goods.

Oil Extracts

We offer a full range of oil extract products customized to your brand from full spectrum to isolate, oils or water-based drops. We work with any extracts, uniquely tailored to meet your needs while maintaining a range of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.


We offer a range of innovative and quality-certified hardware components, allowing us to provide many options both for universal cartridges and disposable formats that maintain the highest quality standards for Canadian compliance.


We work with Natural Health Brands to develop use case specific experience products for the health and wellness industry, infused with cannabinoids and an extensive range of other plant-based ingredients.