Our state-of-the-art 15,000 square foot pharma grade facility is built to GMP/EU standards. Leaf Infusions sits directly in the heart of Metro Vancouver making it the ideal location for servicing the Greater Vancouver area. The close proximity to Highway 91A provides fast accessibility to Vancouver, New Westminster, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta and Surrey. The facility is also located only 10 minutes from the BC Liquor & Cannabis Distribution Centre.

Standard Processing License

With our standard processing license this allows us to process flower, manufacture and package cannabis-based products (e.g. edibles, extracts, topicals). Under this license we can also sell/distribute (business-to-business) an unlimited amount of cannabis with this license.

Sales License

Our sales license gives us the ability to sell and distribute cannabis finished cannabis products to Provincial governments throughout Canada and through Canada’s distribution and retail supply chain.

Research License

Our research license encompasses all kinds of cannabis-related study, from advancements to improving upon cannabis-infused products, in addition, the research license authorizes us to legally administer cannabis to research subjects, as well as transport it between sites that are specified on the license.